Our mission

Geary Baptist Church belongs to non-profit, charitable organizations of religion type.

Jesus gave his disciples their mission, and so the church’s mission today is to go into the world and make disciples by proclaiming the gospel, calling people to respond in ongoing faith, and demonstrating the truth and power of the gospel for the good of the world.

In broader sense, the mission of the church is to make disciples. And disciple-making, as defined by Jesus in the Great Commission, is a combination of both good news and good works.

Beside serving our local congregation through Sunday worship and weekday activities, we have also developed an online educative program explaining the essence of God’s love to Hindu people. Please follow the link to engage with us online.

We are encouraging our readers to see the false replacement of God’s love based on the story of Solomon. The great king shows us that all the things we naturally pursue (wealth, status, pleasures) become meaningless at some point of our lives, and we feel something is missing. No material values can compare to experiencing God’s love and serving the world in the name of our Lord Jesus.